Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intel Security Summit: the slides

Last week I was invited to Hillsboro to speak at the Intel's internal conference on security. My presentation title was "A Quest To The Core: Thoughts on present and future attacks on system core technologies", and my goal was to somehow make a quick summary of the recent research our team has done over the last 12 months or so, and explain why we're so keen on hacking the low-level system components, while all the rest of the world is excited about browser and flash player bugs.

The slides (converted to PDF) can be found here. As you will see, I decided to remove most of the slides from the "Future" chapter. One reason for that was that we didn't want to hint Loic our competition as to some of our new toys we're working on;) The other reason was that, I think, the value of presenting only thoughts about attacks, i.e. unproven thoughts, or, should I even say, feelings about future attacks, has little research value, and while I can understand such information being important to Intel, I don't see how others could benefit from them.

I must say it was nice and interesting to meet in person with various Intel architects, i.e. the people that actually design and create our basic "universe" we all operate in. You can always change the OS (or even write your own!), but still you must stick to the rules, or "laws", of the platform (unless you can break them ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Joanna :-)

PS I'm afraid the link currently does not work (spaces?)


Joanna Rutkowska said...

Hmmm... the link seems to be working for me... Anybody else having problems with the PDF download?

Gi0 said...

Link is working fine for me.
Thanx for sharing Joanna.

Anonymous said...

The link works perfect! It was my mistake :-P
How did Intel staff react? I see that some of the info might be really valuable for them, but being on their feet, they may feel like being at the doctor... after a CT scan!

Anonymous said...

Well I have a stupid question... though...
What are you using to make your slides and the figures ? Is it Prosper ?

Joanna Rutkowska said...

It's Apple Keynote.

Othman Esoul said...

Great recap, Thanks Joanna.