Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attacking Intel TXT: paper and slides

The new press release covering the basic details about our TXT attack is here.

The paper is here.

The slides converted to a PDF format are here. There is also an original version of slides in the Keynote format here for the Mac people. And for all the other people who don't use Mac, but still value the aesthetics (?!), I have also generated a QuickTime clickable movie out from the Keynote slides -- it can be found here, but it weighs 80MB.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nesting VMMs, Reloaded.

Besides breaking the Intel's stuff, we have also been doing other things over at our lab. Thought I would share this cool screenshot of a Virtual PC running inside Xen. More precisely what you see on the pic is: Windows XP running inside Virtual PC, that runs inside Vista, which itself runs inside a Xen's HVM VM. Both the Virtual PC and Xen are using the Intel's hardware virtualization (VT-x is always used for HVM guests on Xen).

Our Nested Xen patch is part of a work done for a customer, so it is not going to be published. Besides it is currently a bit unstable ;) It's just a prototype that shows such a thing could be done.